Resident information

Access and Public Rights of Way issues. If you have a concern about local Access issues or Public Rights of Way (public footpaths, bridleways, etc). Access is the key to the enjoyment and understanding of the National Park and our aim is to promote public access within the National Park in appropriate and sustainable ways which do not conflict with our conservation objectives.

Easier and Disabled Access Walks. Over 50 routes, sites and attractions are listed in the Places to Visit with Easier Access guide. The highlighted routes are perfect for parents with pushchairs, disabled people or those of us that just want a nice easy stroll.

Getting InvolvedOur Volunteer’s Scheme can provide you with a wide range of practical opportunities to assist us as we care for the protected landscape that is the Brecon Beacons National Park. From weekly volunteer work parties with the wardens to the Car Park Watch scheme, there’s a plenty to do on the ground.

National Park Management Plan. The NPMP is a requirement of the 1995 Environment Act. It sets out a vision for the whole Park over the coming years, which has been endorsed by a wide range of consultees. It also includes aims and objectives for all the NP’s activities, and the actions needed to bring these about, whether by the NPA itself or by partner organisations.

Planning Permission. New buildings, major alterations, enlargement of existing buildings and many changes in the use of buildings and land require planning permission. This is to protect and enhance our surroundings, to preserve important buildings and natural areas and strengthen the local economy. However, not ALL extensions and alterations to dwelling houses require planning permission.

Residents’ Survey. In 2013 a survey of Residents was undertaken.  Read the report on the findings of the residents’ survey

Rural Alliances Is a sustainable tourism project within the Brecon Beacons.

Visit your Brecon Beacons! With over 520 square miles to explore, there’s bound to be somewhere you haven’t yet visited in your national park. From its remote wilderness, contrasting with sheltered ancient woodlands, reservoirs, breathtaking waterfalls, caves and windswept uplands, there’s something for everyone here.