Talgarth Community Woodland Group – Ancient Woodland Restoration

The Sustainable Development Fund awarded a grant to enable the Talgarth Community Woodland Group to carry out restoration of an Ancient Woodland (Parkwood).

The grant helped provide training in the use of a portable forestry winch, winch enabled felled timber to be winched into an accessible location for further extraction by Horse.  This is essential, as the forest is mainly on a steep sided slope, access rides at the top and bottom.  Pole Saw Training was also provided to the Chainsaw team to increase their skill levels with this type of saw.  This enables the group to carryout maintenance tasks within the woodland to keep the Rides and Footpaths clear of fallen branches or hung up trees.  Four different members attended the course and passed the assessment.

The Fund also enabled the group to engage a Horse logging team, to extract timber from the woodland.  This was achieved by direct extraction using a timber dog, which drags single logs and a forwarder unit with eight wheels, for extracting a larger quantity of smaller logs.  The Horse logging team attended the site on two occasions, moving a large quantity of wood to our processing area.

The Group has now signed a 10-year contract with the Woodland Trust to extract approximately 700 tonnes of Hard wood (Beech), from one compartment of the Wood.  This has opened many opportunities for the Group to explore.  We are striving to be self-sufficient and where possible support smaller groups with training opportunities.  The Group would not have reached the position it has, without the support of the BBNP Sustainable Development Fund.

SDF Grant given to this project £1,965