How to Apply?

Before completing Expression of Interest form please read the application Form Guidelines and talk your project through with Helen Roderick on 01874 620417 or Ceri Bevan on 01874 620471

Applications are now being accepted for 2021, full application deadlines are: 

31st March 2021, 2nd June 2021, 25th August 2021 and 3rd November 2021

All completed application forms are to be received by these dates.

First stage: Complete expression of interest form. If you are invited to make a full application you will be given at least 4 weeks before the next application deadline to allow sufficient time to complete the form.

Next stage: Applications submitted by the deadline will be presented to the Grants Advisory Panel (GAP) three weeks later. The GAP is made up of a broad cross-section of individuals. The officers present the applications often with recommendations on how closely they fit the criteria, the GAP recommend which should be funded and these go forward to the final stage.

Final stage: National Park Authority Members Panel. The final application decision is made by a small group of National Park Authority Committee Members.

The offer: Successful projects will receive an offer within a month of the application deadline and unsuccessful projects will also be contacted within a month.