How to Apply?

If you have a project idea, it’s essential that you get in touch for an informal chat first of all – we’d love to hear from you. We can offer development advice and guidance – and the application form! 

Submission and Assessment Dates 2023

Submission by 5pm on: Assessment Panel Meets
04.01.23 25.01.23
29.03.23 19.04.23
24.05.23 14.06.23
23.08.23 13.09.23
25.10.23 15.11.23

Step 1: Contact us for an initial informal chat. We’ll talk through and discuss your proposal and give you an application form and guidance if appropriate. We are here to help at every step.

Step 2: Applications submitted by the deadline will be presented by Sustainable Development Fund Officers at the next scheduled Sustainable Development Fund assessment Panel.  Panel membership includes:

  1. a broad cross-section of individuals with skills and expertise. They advise the…
  2. National Park Authority Members, who make the final decisions on applications

Step 3: All applicants will be contacted with the outcome within one month of the application deadline

If you are successful, we will ask you to keep in regular touch with us with progress updates and end of project reports.