Sustainable Development Fund Priorities

SDF is a grant fund designed to support projects to develop and test ways of achieving a more sustainable way of living in the National Park.

 In 2019/2020 we are actively seeking the following types of projects:-

Energy – Generating energy from renewable sources and saving energy, both leading to reduced carbon usage

  1. Grants and advice to support community renewables and energy efficiency
  2. Grants for innovative actions to increase energy efficiency in small businesses

Business – Promoting Rural Economic Development

  1. Start-up grants for small businesses focusing on the natural environment or conserving the built/cultural heritage of the area.
  2. Business expansion grants for businesses expanding conservation work on the natural environment or built/cultural  heritage of the area, including job creation
  3. Apprenticeships/traineeships focused on work conserving the natural environment or built/cultural heritage of the area

Natural and built Heritage

  1. Built Heritage grants towards the repair of listed buildings or significant building structures of a commercial nature in a conservation area.
  2. Biodiversity projects which increase the connectivity between wildlife and communities or projects which monitor and record biodiversity across the Park

Community resilience

  1. Rural Transport Solutions – funding to investigate potential solutions for local rural transport deficits.

Health & wellbeing

  1. Community projects which focus on Health and /or integration of excluded groups within the Park or build long term capacity to enable groups outside the Park boundary to come into the Park for recreational & health benefits.

If you have a project idea please contact our office where Helen or Ceri will be happy to provide development support and advice. or telephone 01874 620417 or telephone 01874 620471