The Aims of the Fund

The Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) has been allocated £100,000 for the current financial year and aims to support projects which:

  • Take into account economic, environmental, community and cultural issues, and which improve quality of life for communities in the Park.
  • Have the support and involvement of communities within the National Park.
  • Support local disadvantaged and disabled groups.
  • Bring people together in partnerships to tackle problems.
  • Derive support from, and provide support to local businesses.
  • Demonstrate innovation and best practice.
  • Encourage social inclusion.
  • Involve young people.
  • Encourage the use of the Welsh language.
  • Maximise opportunities for volunteering
  • Generate new ways of securing a sustainable future for locally important services
  • Generate additional income/facilities or services which are not detrimental to those already existing
  • Support the local economy


  • To explore innovative ways of contributing as far as practicable to the Welsh Government’s vision of a sustainable Wales and of breaking down barriers that can act as obstacles to sustainability
  • To integrate sustainable development with the special qualities of the National Park and demonstrate the contribution of a strong sense of place and local identity to well-being and sustainable living.
  • To build capacity in local communities and to develop and support community based projects promoting sustainable development objectives.
  • To generate greater awareness and understanding of sustainability amongst residents and visitors and facilitate positive behaviour change.


Projects will have to:

  • Be sustainable – link social, environmental, cultural and economic issues through public participation;
  • Demonstrate that they have genuine support or involvement of communities within the Park
  • Support one or more of the objectives of the fund
  • Demonstrate that they contribute to the National Park Management Plan themes, the Welsh Government’s Well-being of Future Generations Bill and other relevant local and national strategies.
  • Bring organisations together in partnership to tackle problems.
  • Be compliant with the principle of treating the English and Welsh languages on a basis of equality in dealings with the public

Projects outside the Park boundary – While projects are designed to support communities within Park boundaries, there is flexibility to support projects in communities immediately adjacent to Park boundaries to encourage closer links between those communities and Park.

Projects will not be funded where:-

  • The proposal is for continuation funding of the same project where no clear exit strategy can be identified within a reasonable timeframe.
  • A transfer of public services has taken place and the application is for continuation of those services.

To apply for funding please refer to our guidelines and expression of interest form.

Please contact us to discuss your project before you submit an application. Please send details to or