Rural Vibrancy

Rural Vibes provides rural communities with great tools to assess the individual perceptions of members or community groups in rural areas. Collectively these can form an overall picture of how your community views itself.

The Rural Vibes Survey is quick and simple to complete Rural communities/groups/villages/towns can use this survey to gauge how vibrant they are, giving instant feedback. It is anonymous and informs new projects through a truly inclusive approach.

Created by the Rural Alliances Interreg IVB Project Partners – Brilliant! Go on give it a go!  Rural Vibes Survey

In November 2014 we commissioned a telephone survey to be undertaken in four communities in the National Park in Brecon, Talgarth, Crickhowell and Hay on Wye as part of the Rural Vibrancy project. The results are displayed in this paper here. If you have any questions or would like to request a hard copy of this paper or any of the individual town results then contact Andrew Williams, Sustainable Tourism Officer on either 01874 620476 or