Mitigation & Adaptation in the UK’s National Parks

Given their geographic location, range of habitats, species and ecosystems and the climatic extremes that they experience, Britain’s National Parks are well positioned to make a significant national and regional contribution to mitigating and adapting to climate change through flood control, water conservation, carbon conservation, woodland expansion, biodiversity conservation and sustainable farming. They provide montane, upland, lowland and coastal barometers of the ecological changes taking place and the space for rural responses to the changes ahead. Now is the time to take advantage of these qualities and to develop this role for the Nation.

The Ecologists of all the UK’s National Parks have produced an agenda for action within these special landscapes. It outlines how the the co-operation and viability of farming, forestry, water resource management and development control will enable the National Parks and their communities to respond to climate change.

Read the full report:

Britain’s National Parks as test beds for ecological mitigation and
adaptation to the impacts of climate change – an agenda for action