Outdoor Mountain Marathon Demo


We want you to leave your mark! We’re delighted you are coming to take part in this ambitious challenge within our National Park. We would love you to help us share the beauty of this landscape by contributing towards our exciting new CALCH project which is aiming to conserve and bring alive special lime kilns in the Black Mountain.

Calch is the Welsh for “Lime” and our project is exciting partnership between Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, the National Museum of Wales and the Black Mountain Centre in Brynaman.

The kilns are located at a beautiful spot with spectacular views of
the surrounding countryside. Not only are the kilns a precious part of our
heritage but also a unique habitat
for rare plants and wildlife.

We are currently undertaking important conservation, improving access and working on trails and interpretation to make it a fascinating place to visit and discover the industrial heritage, wildlife, social history and geology of the Black Mountain. Attracting visitors to the area will contribute to long-term tourism based and other economic opportunities in the region, to the benefit of local communities and businesses.

In addition to your registration fee, if you could
donate just £5 this will make an important contribution towards our work.

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this exciting project.

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