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Through this service you may:

  • View current applications and supporting documents
  • Comment on current applications
  • Save searches and receive email alerts
  • Track the progress of current applications

Submit Applications Online through the Planning Portal (you can submit these in Welsh or English).

This service also provides:

  • General planning information and advice
  • Building regulations guidance
  • Further guidance on making an application
  • The online appeals service

The Planning Portal is external from the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority. Please contact the Portal directly for technical difficulties and advice on submitting applications online.

Third party comments (from members of the public)

Names and comments will not be published on the online register. Comments will be recorded online in the format ‘public comment – support’ or ‘public comment – against’ or ‘public comment – neutral’.

Copies of all public comments are available in the planning file as submitted in the original form. The Authority will permit any member of the public a right to inspect (or receive a copy) of the original file. Any personal or identifying information of the member of the public in the documentation will be redacted from the information that is disclosed.

The Authority also has a further duty to disclose information where requested under Data Protection Act 2018, Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Any disclosure of information will be in accordance with legal obligations under such legislation. In practice this means that any personal information of the member of the public in the documentation will be redacted from the information that is disclosed. Personal information to be redacted includes;

  • name;
  • address;
  • telephone number;
  • any job or title/company details (if relevant);
  • email address including any other electronic information (such as IP address);
  • any information that readily identifies an individual (examples of words in a planning context include such as ‘my neighbour’ or ‘our boundary fence’).

We would strongly recommend that you consider not including information in your statement that enables a third party to identify you (statements such as ‘our boundary fence’, ‘our joint driveway’ etc). We also would recommend that your statement it separate from any information that contains your contact details or other personal information. For example, including your comments as an attachment means that your comments can be easily separated from your personal contact details in the email.

Any member of the public should restrict their communications to the planning merits of the application.

Planning Decision Notices, delegated and Committee Reports will be drafted so that personal information will not be disclosed and only the planning merits or issues will be included.

Comments stated as ‘Confidential’

The Authority cannot maintain public representations as confidential in respect to planning applications. If comments are received and are marked as confidential, you will be advised that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed and you will be asked to resubmit or withdraw your comments. Any personal information will be deleted (redacted) if your comments are requested by third parties so you should consider whether your comments are actually confidential.  . Applications for planning permission are open to public scrutiny and in some circumstances made in a public venue. The officers or members who act as the decision makers have a right to consider all representations made, including where necessary the source of any representation and the individual making a representation. This duty cannot be discharged in confidence to any party.

Anonymous Comments

The Authority cannot accept anonymous public comments. Planning application files are a matter of public record. A name and address must be supplied to ensure information held by the Authority has a clear provenance and can be attributed to the individuals who make them.  Disclosure of personal and identifying information however is subject to the rules set out above.

Please Note:

  • The Public Access Service only displays planning applications which the Authority is currently consulting on and does not contain a complete planning history library.
  • To carry out a full planning history search please contact the Planning Services Helpdesk on
  • The system is not available from 9pm until early morning each weekday night due to maintenance requirements.
  • Applications are not visible until they have been made valid; this may take up to 5 working days from receipt.
  • Online documents will normally be available within 48 hours of their creation or receipt.