IT Training Facility

  • Offers up to 8 PC stations, 7 delegates + trainer, laid out  in  a  horseshoe  configuration.
  • Please indicate at time of booking how  many  stations  you  require configured. 
  • Installed software includes  Windows 10  and  Office 2013, but can  be configured  for  your  particular requirements on request.
  • Full sized screen, which  is  comfortably visible from  all  seats,  and  projector   linked   to   the trainer’s  PC.
  • All PCs are connected to the Authority’s high-speed internet  connection, unless  you would prefer it to be disabled.
  • The facilities can be booked in conjunction with the Conference room. Please  enquire  about prices.
  • Seating for observers and table for refreshments


We will invoice you after the meeting. Please note that the Authority prefers BACS payments if possible and that only refreshments are subject to VAT.

IT Training Room Cost Includes
Full day £150 Includes use of pull-down screen
Half day (up to 4 hours)

Morning session 9am-1pm

Afternoon session 1-5pm

£80 Includes use of pull-down screen


Refreshments are usually available if booked in advance.