Don’t worry if you don’t feel confident with IT though, we can do all the hard work for you as part of the hire charge for the webcast.

If you don’t want to webcast the meeting we can still film it for you and provide you with a DVD of the proceedings for you to use as a reference or for training purposes.

What is webcasting?

A webcast transmits your meeting over the Internet,  rather like a television programme, enabling the public to watch meetings on their computers from the comfort of their own homes. If they miss the live broadcast, a full recording can be made available online within 48 hours of the meeting finishing and this can be viewed at any time up to 6 months after the date of broadcast.  It is also possible for a DVD to be produced of each meeting as a permanent record.

The benefits of webcasting

There are substantial benefits to your organisation from using webcasting.  Here are some of the ones we have found:

It promotes open and transparent governance and accountability.

It promotes and encourages public engagement leading to greater understanding of your decision making.

•It enables the public to access meetings without travelling and at their own convenience.

For local authorities and county councils:

  • It facilitates communication of the overview and scrutiny function with local residents in line with the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011
  • It can be used with your organisation’s social media to enable even more engagement
  • Webcasting has Welsh Government support and now funding.  Former Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant responded to a question (OAQ(4)0033(LGC) about recording council meetings (2011) as follows:

“I encourage all local authorities to make the maximum effort to enable the public to engage with them and their proceedings. ….. Members should be made aware of whether they are being filmed, but I would support local councils in their endeavour to make their activities much more public.”

Webcasting  Brecon Beacons National Park Authority meetings

As part of our commitment to the principles of citizen centred governance the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority obtained a grant from the Information Commissioner’s Officer to run a pilot project webcasting meetings of the Authority and our two main committees – the Planning, Access and Rights of Way Committee and the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.  We consider the most effective way to offer individuals and the general public a record of public meetings is for the Authority to produce a webcast.   Meetings have been webcast live from 29 June 2012 and can be viewed online at:  http://www.breconbeacons.public-i.tv/core/

We have had a very positive response from the public, members and officers:

“looks really good,  would have saved me a journey and several hours of my time today, it’s important to be able to see that the Authority is doing its job properly when dealing with our business” – Member of the public attending the first pilot of Planning Committee to hear their application being determined

“Congratulations on a very successful breakthrough in demonstrating to the public that National Parks are open, innovative and at the forefront of showing people what they do. A fascinating and very rewarding experience from this side of the screen” – response from environmental organisation.

As part of the project  the National Park Authority is hiring its webcasting facilities to encourage open governance for other organisations.

What does it look like?

Whether viewing the live broadcast or as an archived webcast you can access any agenda item, open attached documents or see presentations made at the meeting.

You can also ‘tag’ items geographically to show the location of the meeting itself and any of its agenda items.


You can hire our conference room in Brecon with the following facilities:

•Round conference table seating 36 with space for approximately 30 observers/public (£150 whole day/£75 half day/£30 per hour up to 2 hours;

• PA system which you can use alone or linked to the webcasting facilities;

•Built in projectors and screens for stand alone presentations or linked to webcasting;

Webcasting Charges and Options

When you have hired the conference room it costs £230 per hour (as well as the conference room hire charge to use the webcasting facility.  For this you will receive:

  •  an officer to upload agendas, papers and presentations in advance of your meeting;
  • an operator for the duration of a filmed meeting;
  • IT support if needed;
  •  use of built in projectors and screens for presentations;
  • Your webcast hosted on the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority branded site for a trial period or streamed to your own organisation’s branded page if you have one
  • Up to 6 months of meetings archived online
  • a DVD recording of the meeting.

If your organisation does not have its own branded page to show your webcast material we can organise this for a one-off cost of £720 inc VAT.

We can also provide tea and coffee if agreed in advance (see separate refreshment costs) or links to local caterers to deliver lunch.

You can book your webcasting on the Room Booking Form along with the room hire.

For more information

Contact Julia Gruffydd (Democratic Services Manager) on 01874 620400 or email julia.gruffydd@beacons-npa.gov.uk