Park introduces new planning procedures

From 1st October 1APP will replace all existing planning application forms.  To support the new application forms the Park is also introducing new information requirements for validation of planning applications.
To ensure all the required validation information is submitted, the Park has created a checklist and planning advice notes which outline the national and local statutory requirements which include design and access statements, ownership certificates, sustainability and affordable housing statements. 
Chris Morgan, Head of Planning Services for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said the benefits of validation mean that developers and residents will be able to fully understand the type and amount of information that will be required when they submit an application.  He said:  “We are adopting new best practice validation procedures which are in line with Government policy.  This means that this Authority will have all the information it needs in order to determine the application in a shorter period of time.  Hopefully, it will minimise the risk that we will have to go back to applicant to ask for more information, therefore reducing the amount of time it takes us to reach a decision.
“I would strongly advise applicants thinking about submitting an application to read our new guidelines and supporting notes which will help them understand exactly what level of information is required of them.”
Mrs Mary Taylor, Chairman of Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority said:  “Our planning and IT departments have worked incredibly hard to produce these new planning guidelines and supplementary notes, which will provide great clarity for potential applicants.  The Members of the Park Authority are delighted that this is yet another step towards building a more efficient planning service.”