National Park releases final blueprint for securing a sustainable future

The National Park Management Plan – a document that has undergone extensive consultation for over the last two years – presents new frameworks to follow for the next 20 years for environmental management and sets standards during the next five years for supporting and serving farmers, communities and stakeholders within the Park.

“We can and must plan for the long term when it comes to conserving and protecting the wider National Park environment.  With this new Management Plan in place, we are setting new standards to manage the environment while supporting sustainable innovative development and renewable energy potential,” said Chief Executive, John Cook.

“For generations, this rich environment has been sustained and nurtured by our farmers and partner organisations. Our continued cooperation will form precious partnerships that will make us all much better stewards for the environment.  We may not always see eye to eye but our continued collaboration and mutual respect for each other is paramount to moving forward.”

Cllr Eric Saxon, Chairman for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority welcomed the document saying:  “This is an important achievement, as the collaborative vision of this plan will help to guide future environmental management decisions for the National Park as a whole – not just the Authority.  Within this Plan there is a great emphasis on collaboration and cooperation with our farmers, our communities and our partner organisations – which is so vital in this day and age of limited time, staffing and monetary resources.  We hope to support, encourage and inspire people to take an active part in protecting the special qualities of the Bannau Brycheiniog.”

Mr Robert Jackson, Chairman of Cwmdu and District Community Council said: “We look forward to cooperating with BBNPA to achieve the objects set out in the new Management Plan and hope community councils will be able to play their part in preserving and enhancing the National Park for the benefit of those who live and work within it, as well as those who love to visit this beautiful part of the world.”

Neil Stoddart, Forest District Manager, Forestry Commission Wales, said, “The new management plan is an excellent example of the public sector working together to the greater benefit of the natural environment and we were delighted to be involved in its development.

“We are pleased that the plan recognises the importance of forestry and woodlands within the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park, where Forestry Commission Wales manages 10,000 hectares of woodland on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.

“We look forward to continuing to play a key role in the future of the National Park and to working with partners so that the delivery of the plan complements Woodlands for Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government’s strategy for woodlands and trees.”

This final plan is the culmination of more than two years of assembling the best available information and engaging stakeholders to develop a wide-ranging and precedent-setting blueprint for managing our National Park.

The plan was produced in two draft formats, revised and finalised based on over 300 written comments, as well as testimony presented over 50 community meetings public hearings and informal consultations.

The final plan provides a comprehensive framework for managing and reviewing management of the National Park’s landscape. It also provides a roadmap for both environmental protection and sustainable use of National Park resources going forward whilst promoting the long-term viability of its communities.

Copies of the Management Plan in Welsh and English are available electronically on the Authority’s website at or in other formats upon request within the resources available.