Restrictions Lifted at Llangors Lake

council’s Environmental Health Service has lifted previous guidance regarding
Llangorse Lake as the last two consecutive weekly samples showed that the lake
to be free of blue green algae.  The guidance was first issued last month
(June) when the lake was first affected by the potentially toxic blue green algae.


recreational activities can now resume on the lake, both the council and the
Environment Agency Wales will continue to monitor the lake as the blue green
algae could grow to excess again in suitable conditions.


Clinton, the council’s Public Protection Manager, said: “Weekly samples
have been taken at Llangorse Lake since the blue-green algae was
identified.  The last two samples have shown that the lake to be free of
the potentially toxic algae.


have now lifted the guidance, which was put into place to protect members of
the public and animals.  However, we will continue to work closely with
the Environment Agency Wales in monitoring the lake as the blue green algae
could grow again in suitable environmental conditions.”


Walters, from Environment Agency Wales: “Our officers have been monitoring
the lake very closely since we first identified the presence of Blue Green
Algae last month.


pleased to say that the lake is currently clear of the algae, but we won’t be
complacent, and we will continue to monitor the lake.  We are also working
with our partners to investigate the conditions which cause the algal bloom so
we can reduce the likelihood of it reoccurring in the future.”


Games, PR Officer for Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority, said:
“Llangorse Lake is a popular destination for both local residents and
visitors, who will welcome the news that the guidance has now been lifted,
especially when the weather forecast is set to improve over the coming days.


will continue to work closely with our partners by monitoring the Llangasty
side of the lake and informing them of any developments.”