Brecon Beacons National Park Authority adopts Local Development Plan

Authority’s vision outlined in the National Park Management Plan and now
enshrined in the Local Development Plan is a key step for the Brecon Beacons
National Park and will make a significant contribution to the creation of
important development opportunities across the Park.  The Plan addresses a wide range of important
needs in the area including housing, jobs and services and provides a framework
for these to be developed while protecting the qualities which make the
National Park a special place. 

on the Plan began back in 2009 and has followed the course prescribed for it by
the Welsh Government.  Initially consultation established a “Preferred
Strategy” and then “Deposit Local Development Plan” documents were put out to
consultation in January 2011.  The Examination stage began in November
2011 led by an independent Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate to examine
whether the plan meets the criteria laid out by the Welsh Government for it to
be declared sound.   The Inspector asked for some changes to be made
to the Plan and has now produced her final report.  The Report concludes
that the Local Development Plan is sound and that the Authority has produced
sufficient evidence to support the strategy and show that it is likely to be able
to deliver it. 

Local Development Plan will from today form the basis of decision making on
planning applications and as such is a vital working document for the National
Park Authority.

Julie James, Chairman for Brecon Beacons National Park Authority said: “After a
journey of six years it’s a great achievement to have successfully adopted the
LDP today.   This plan is a true reflection of how consulting with our communities
and working together ensures we have a sound plan to deliver in the Brecon
Beacons National Park.  


“The plan’s vision until 2022 has clearly been
influenced by the valuable input of the people of the Park and it has taken a
lot of hard work and commitment – not to mention raising our head above the
parapet at times – on the part of the Park Authority, its Officers, its
Members, communities, developers, landowners and everyone else involved in its

“As Chairman I pledged to oversee the delivery of
the LDP and this demonstrates our Authority’s commitment to a modern,
streamlined planning service. I want to put on record my thanks and
appreciation for the considerable contribution of a wide range of community
groups, organisations and individuals who have helped to shape the planning
policies which will guide development right across Brecon Beacons for many
years to come.” 

John Cook, Chief Executive for Brecon Beacons National Park Authority said:
“This is a solid and robust LDP that provides a basis for future development
and ensures a degree of certainty for our communities in this area.  This has been a long journey
for all of us to reach this point and whilst there have been differences of
opinion we can proudly point to this as a demonstration of the
way in which we continue to listen to and work with our communities.”