Warden’s plea to public over litter dumping

The public are being urged to support efforts to keep Taf Fechan tidy.

The call comes from the South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group (SWOAPG) and the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority who were forced to enter the gorge at Pontsarn in the beautiful Nature Reserve of Taf Fechan to remove what amounted to 12 bags of rubbish which had been indiscriminately dumped there.   

In poor and hazardous conditions, Will Kilner from SWOAPG along with members of Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales and wardens from the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority braved the elements to remove the rubbish from the gorge. 

Sam Ridge, a warden at the National Park Authority called on the public to be their eyes and ears in the battle against litter-louts and illegal fly-tipping.

Commenting Sam said, “It upsets me to see people wilfully harming such a beautiful environment. I’m grateful that Will Kilner from THE South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group was on hand to help as we wouldn’t have been able to clear up this mess without his skill and expertise. Everyone can do their bit to help prevent this illegal activity by being vigilant and reporting anyone they see dumping rubbish to the police or their local authority. Evidence has been obtained from this incident and we are hopeful of a prosecution”.