Upland Paths Volunteer Scheme Role Profile


The Walking With Offa project has provided funding for the BBNPA to develop Upland Paths Volunteers scheme in the Black Mountains and Central Beacons and if successful the scheme may be extended to cover the entire National Park area.

Role Profile for

Upland Paths Volunteers

Accountable to: Access Officer

Location: Black Mountains and Central Beacons

Base: Throughout Black Mountains and Central Beacons (Maps to be provided for tool stores)


To monitor and maintain the condition of specified paths and to help people enjoy and understand their visit to the area


  1. To carry out routine maintenance work on specific paths, to include: a. Cleaning out drainage features
    b. Maintaining path surfaces by, for example, clearing loose stones from pitching
  2. To occasionally participate in work parties to undertake larger practical tasks to include assisting contractors with specific tasks such as airlifting materials to site, for example.
  3. To monitor upland path condition and previous repair work and to submit report forms identifying areas of concern (including fixed point photography on specific routes).
  4. To assist with landscaping following project work.
  5. To promote the work of the Upland Paths Volunteers group by talking to the public and providing information on an informal basis.
  6. To maintain good working relationships with landowners, tenants, farmers, neighbours, other voluntary organisations, local communities and local authorities.
  7. To participate in training sessions and meetings with other volunteers in order to increase knowledge of upland path management and the work of the BBNPA.
  8. To adhere to the Brecon Beacons National Park Health and Safety Policy at all times.

To undertake c.10 days maintenance/ surveying per 12 month period



Essential: An interest in upland path repair work, Health and safety awareness (training will be given)

Desirable: Previous knowledge of the area


Essential: Physical fitness

Desirable: Map reading and navigation (training is available, Competence in use of hand tools


Essential: Upland walking

Desirable: Working outdoors, Working with the general public

Training (provided)

Induction / Welcome (Compulsory)

Practical works (Compulsory)

Health and safety awareness (Compulsory)

First Aid (Needs assessed)

Navigation / Mountain Awareness (Needs assessed)

Dealing with the public (if desired)

Introduction to upland ecology (if desired)

Introduction to Access legislation (if desired)


  1. Each volunteer should  aim to give a minimum of ten days a year to Upland Paths Volunteer Scheme, but  greater involvement would be most welcome.
  2. Each volunteer will first be invited to an introductory meeting to discuss the role. They will then be given a full volunteer induction which will include training. Following  successful completion the volunteer will be invited to undertake the role.
  3. Initially volunteers will be working as part of a group. Volunteers must be accompanied by another volunteer or agreed person at all times.
  4. All volunteers will be required to comply with the BBNPA’s Health and Safety risk management system.
  5. Volunteers will be asked for their permission to share their contact information for volunteering co-ordination purposes only.
  6. Participating volunteers will be asked to complete a full volunteer registration form prior to induction

Please note that this volunteer role is a gift relationship; all these arrangements are binding in honour only and not intended to be legally binding.