Other opportunities

In addition to the practical work parties above, there are other opportunities:

1. Heritage.
There are listed buildings and archaeological sites within the National Park and volunteers are being recruited to help record, photograph and provide other useful information in relation to protecting these buildings. Volunteers with an interest in heritage or architecture are most suited to this work. Some of this work is office based, and some is out and about within the Park.

Full Role Profile

2. Photographic Library.
There is a wealth of photographs that need some love and attention, to sort out and catalogue into a useable format. IT skills would be needed for this work, and volunteers will need their own transport to National Parks Head Office in Brecon.

3. Interpretation Panels.
There are numerous information panels across the National Park, which are designed to help provide information for visitors at the natural and historical places of interest within the Park. We are looking for volunteers to ‘adopt’ a panel or two, either their local area or some where they frequent regularly, to help with the maintenance and report any issues in relation to the panels. Many of these panels are at car parks or road sides so easily accessible, a few are in more remote locations.

4. The Ecology Team.
Volunteers are being sort to:

  • Review and organise biodiversity and ecology electronic photographs on the server to make them easier to find and to eliminate redundant files.
  • Review and organise the text books and reports currently held in our library.
  • Assistance in updating and maintaining biodiversity and ecology website, improving links and summary information and including new links and information where possible.
  • Create a set of heathland condition assessment ring binders for use in the field.
  • Finalise work started developing summaries of National Park owned land.