Stream Authority meetings

We want you to be able to follow and take part in the democratic decisions that affect you in Brecon Beacons National Park.

All committee meetings open to the public are being broadcast live using Microsoft Teams and recorded.

To access the live broadcast for a meeting please visit the published committee agenda and select the event link. The recording of the broadcast can be accessed by the same link after the meeting.

Public Participation

Members of the public and interested parties are welcome to address the virtual committees in accordance with our Public Speaking Scheme

Webcasts Prior to Microsoft Teams

You can read more about our webcasting initiative below or alternatively visit our dedicated webcasting microsite to look through videos of previous meetings and find out about forthcoming webcasts.

We’d love to know what you think of our webcasting service and how we could improve it so we’ve prepared a short questionnaire webcasting questionnaire

What is a Brecon Beacons National Park Authority webcast?

A webcast is a transmission of audio and video over the Internet, rather like a television programme, enabling you to watch our meetings live from the comfort of your own home on your computer. In addition to watching the video stream, you can browse all the related papers and presentation materials too.

If you miss the live broadcast of a meeting, a full recording of it will be available online usually within 48 hours of a meeting finishing and this can be viewed at any time up to 6 months after the date of broadcast. All our videos are indexed so that you can easily find the specific part of a meeting you are interested in.

What are we doing?

We ran an 18 month pilot programme to test the technical, operational and commercial feasibility of a webcasting solution for recording authority business.  The Authority has now agreed to continue webcasting for the next 5 years.  Our experience is being shared with local authorities across Wales who have now received funding from the Welsh Government to set up their own pilot webcasting schemes.  The success of our scheme and the positive feedback from the public, was a key factor in prompting this funding.

The next stage will be for the Authority to consider how it makes more use of social media to encourage public engagement in its business.

Why are we doing it?

The National Park Authority is committed to the principles of ‘Citizen-Centred Governance’ and public service values such as the Nolan principles of openness and accountability. Webcasting helps us to deliver against several of these principles, such as:

  • Ensuring that the public knows who does what and why
  • Fostering innovative delivery
  • Being a learning organisation
  • Achieving value for money

The primary aim is to improve accessibility and transparency of decision making and overall governance.

We have reported progress at various stages as the project progressed but welcome any feedback.  Why not take a few moments to have a look at our webcasting microsite and let us know what you think.

Have your say during live webcasts.

Live Chat
During live webcasts you can comment in real time on what you are seeing using the Live Chat feature. It’s as easy as entering your name and typing your message. The committee cannot see your message but you can chat to anyone watching the webcast.
Live chat is a moderated so any comments deemed unsuitable or inappropriate will not be published on screen.

Please use the following hashtags to tweet about the meetings.
For the National Park Authority meetings use #NPA.
For Planning Access and Rights of Way meetings please use #PAROW.