Future Beacons: The Management Plan for the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park 2022-2027

Thank you for visiting the consultation page of the National Park Management Plan website.

Here is an update on the progress of Future Beacons, the National Park Management Plan for the Bannau Brycheiniog.

We have summarised the results of our consultation period in a report, which can be found here.

We have also created a shorter newsletter, which can be found here.

The consultation was a long yet fruitful one, which consisted of gathering opinions and thoughts from a range of stakeholders through our online form, written comments and our rich and deeply valued deep-dive sessions.

Through our consultation, we have learnt the following things:

  • Our consultation was not enough. We have failed to consult with various groups
  • The high ambition of Future Beacons was controversial, although welcomed by some it was deemed unattainable
  • Targets and partnership working will be key to success

This has resulted in some major changes to Future Beacons. We are moving away from our suite of policies to ‘flagship’ outcomes, which constitute sustainable land management; responsible tourism; twenty-minute communities and becoming a centre of excellence.

As a result of our findings, we will engage in more targeted consultation over the summer, which will inform our final plan and our vision for the next 25 years. We hope you can understand our decision and duty to undertake this work.

You can find the revised timeline for Future Beacons within the consultation report.

The Full Future Beacons document can be downloaded here.

The summary of the Future Beacons document can be downloaded here. 

The Authority has developed a new Management Plan which is referred to as Future Beacons. This plan sets out a series of objectives and policies to guide the implementation of National Park’s purposes and duty. This is to ensure that the landscape, people and natural and cultural heritage of the park are secured of a prosperous future. 

The Management Plan is most importantly a plan for the area of the National Park. That is why it is so important that we make sure everyone in the Park has an opportunity to collaborate with us on writing a shared plan for the future.   

We have worked with key stakeholders to define critical issues for the future of the National Park and used these to define what we as an Authority think this means for the Park. 

The consultation period has now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who responded to the plan and we look forward to reading the comments and taking them into consideration.

The document was open for public consultation for a period of 17 weeks from  4th November 2021 until 4th March 2022.   

The following links are to the separate policies of the Plan:

Climate Change
Nature recovery
Health and wellbeing
Local food
Green new deal
Resilient Communities
Rural Skills
Active travel
Payments for Ecosystem Services
Welsh language
Sustainable Tourism
Busy Places
Historic Environment
Rights of Way
Dark Skies
Human capital

Copies of the Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening Report and The Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the Environmental Report) which have informed the draft National Park Management Plan are also available for comment throughout the consultation.

The reports are available below:

Past consultations 
NPMP 21 Issues, Vision and Objectives