Management Plan Review

Thank you for visiting the consultation page of the National Park Management Plan website.

We are writing to you to seek your views on the future of the Brecon Beacons National Park. 

The Authority is currently developing a new Management Plan which is referred to as NPMP21.  This plan, when completed, will set out a series of objectives and policies to guide the implementation of National Park purposes and duty. This is to ensure that the landscape, people and natural and cultural heritage of the park are secured of a prosperous future. 

The Management Plan is most importantly a plan for the area of the National Park. That is why it is so important that we make sure everyone in the Park has an opportunity to collaborate with us on writing a shared plan for the future.   

We have worked with key stakeholders to define critical issues for the future of the National Park and used these to define what we as an Authority think this means for the Park.  This consultation relates to these vision and objectives – it is intended as a sense check with wider stakeholders and our communities – an opportunity for you to think about what your vision is for the National Park, what your key issues are and let us know so we can make sure the future Management Plan properly reflects as wide a range of views as possible. 

This document was open for public consultation for a period of 12 weeks from Wednesday 3rd March until Wednesday 26th May 2021.   

The document is available to view here: NPMP 21 Issues, Vision and Objectives