Corporate Objectives

  1. Demonstrate sustainable land management on three NPA-owned sites by March 2007 in order to become exemplars of best practice. 
  2. To improve the conservation and enhancement of the Park’s unique built environment, by raising the awareness of the Physical Regeneration Fund in Brecon, Crickhowell and Talgarth.
  3. Integrate sustainable design principles into the development control process through the publication of the sustainable design guide and supplementary planning guidance by March 2007.
  4.  Improve customer services to Development Control and Visitor Services by implementing action plans by March 2007.
  5.  Make the Park more accessible and welcoming to a wider range of visitors by implementing the social inclusion strategy by March 2008.
  6.  Improve the Rights of Way network by implementing Stage 1 of the Rights of Way Improvement Plan by January 2007, and introducing a positive management regime for the use of off road vehicles.
  7. Redevelop and launch a new Website to allow greater public access to the National Park and its services by March 2007.
  8. Develop the Corporate Governance infrastructure to improve decision making, performance management and business planning by March 2008.
  9. Produce socially inclusive Education and Interpretation Strategies by March 2007.
  10. Apply Geopark status to raise awareness of the geological heritage for the benefit of the communities in and around the Fforest Fawr Geopark area by implementing the action plan by October 2008.
  11. Make the best use of the National Park status to help local Communities adapt to climate and CAP change by developing best practice examples and demonstrations at the NPVC and Mynydd Illtyd by December 2006.
  12. To instil the principles of sustainable development throughout the Authority and its work by developing and maintaining appropriate policies in up to date management and development plans.
  13. Embedding sound environmental resource management by achieving Green Dragon level 4 by March 2007.
  14. To promote sustainable tourism principles by achieving the European Sustainable Tourism Charter by October 2007.