Local Development Plan Review

On 17th December 2017, the Authority commenced the Review of its Local Development Plan


At the 10th November 2017 meeting of the National Park Authority, Members agreed that work could commence on the Review of the Brecon Beacons National Park Local Development Plan.  The 2007-2022 Plan was adopted by the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority on 17th December 2013.  Accordingly, in line with the requirement of Section 69 of the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, the Review process will formally commence from 17th December 2017.

Next Steps:

A Review should draw upon published Annual Monitoring Reports, evidence gathered through updated survey evidence and pertinent contextual indicators, including relevant changes to national policy. Collectively, this should enable the publication of a Review Report, within six months from start of the review process.

The Review Report should set out clearly what has been considered, which key stakeholders have been engaged and, where changes are required, what needs to change and why, based on evidence; including issues, objectives, strategy, policies and the Sustainability Appraisal as well as the implications of anticipated revisions on any parts of the plan that are not proposed to be revised. It must also make a conclusion on the revision procedure to be followed (full or short form).

To this end, the Authority is currently gathering its survey evidence to inform the development of our Review Report.  Given that the Review process commences from 17th December 2017,  the Authority intends to submit the Report to the Welsh Government and to undertake a formal public consultation on its content by June 2018.

How to get involved:

As referred to above, there will not a formal public consultation until June 2018.  Nevertheless, should you wish to take the opportunity to make representations on the way forward before the statutory process begins, the Strategy and Policy Team would encourage you to do so (by post or, preferably, by email to LDP@beacons-npa.gov.uk) by no later than 9th February 2018.

We would appreciate your views on what should be considered by the Authority in the Review, what kind of revisions should then be made and whether the full or short form procedure should be followed.

*All information relating to the LDP Review will appear on this web page in due course.”