Planning Advice Notes

These are the advice notes the Authority has written to try and help you to understand the planning process better.

PAN1 – Applying for planning permission – an overview of the planning application process

PAN2 – Fees for planning and advertisement applications
Details how much you should pay for your application

PAN4 – Planning Applications – how to comment – support or object to a live application

PAN5 – Advertisements and Signs – many advertisements and signs require consent

PAN6 – Planning Surgeries/Advice Centres – advice on planning matters for the general public

PAN7 – Trees & Hedgerow – How to apply to remove hedgerows or work on trees in a conservation area or which are subject to a tree preservation order (TPO)

PAN8 – Enforcement of planning controls guidance if you are affected by breaches of planning and listed building control explaining what the Authority can do and timescales

PAN9 – Location Plans – guidance on providing location plans

PAN10 – Listed buildings & conservation areas – how to list a building and how to undertake work on a listed building.

PAN11 – Design & Access Statements – you must submit a design statement and an access statement in support of your application.  

PAN12 – Customer Care Charter – A customer care charter for development control purposes

PAN13 – Planning Appeals – if you are considering making an appeal, commenting on an appeal or researching the planning history of a property

PAN14 – Satellite Dishes – a note for householders who need to know whether they require planning permission to install satellite dishes at their homes.  The advice does not apply to non-residential buildings, flats and maisonettes.

PAN15 – Septic Tanks – A guide to percolation tests and soakaway drain calculation

Non-Mains Sewerage Guidance Notes

Non-Mains Sewerage Form

PAN16 – Applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness for a Proposed Use or Development – if you need a formal decision from the Authority stating whether planning permission is required or not

PAN17 – Bats, Buildings and Development – bats are legally protected and you must conserve them during development

PAN18 – Barn owls and development – barn owls are legally protected and you must conserve them during development

PAN19 – General Planning Information – for identifying general planning constraints relating to your site

PAN20 – Domestic Micro-Generation – note for householders who need to know whether planning permission is required to install domestic micro-generation equipment at their homes.

PAN21 – Guidance for Community Councils– advice on submitting planning applications.

PAN22 – Non-Domestic Microgeneration – note relating to microgeneration equipment on buildings other than a dwelling house or a block of flats.

PAN 23 – Householder Permitted Development – note relating to householder permitted development rights.

Planning Policy Wales

Renewable Energy Advice

Guidance Note regarding applications and UDP Policies for renewable energy

Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity

Heat Pumps (Ground/Water/Air)

Wood Fuel Heating Systems

Small Scale Wind Turbines

High Head Hydro Electricity

Low Head Hydro Electricity

Solar Thermal Water Heating