Planning Advice Notes

These are the advice notes the Authority has written to try and help you to understand the planning process better.

PAN1 – Applying for planning permission – an overview of the planning application process

PAN2 – Fees for planning and advertisement applications
Details how much you should pay for your application

PAN4 – Planning Applications – how to comment – support or object to a live application

PAN5 – Advertisements and Signs – many advertisements and signs require consent

PAN6 – Planning Surgeries/Advice Centres – advice on planning matters for the general public

PAN7 – Trees & Hedgerow – How to apply to remove hedgerows or work on trees in a conservation area or which are subject to a tree preservation order (TPO)

PAN8 – Enforcement of planning controls guidance if you are affected by breaches of planning and listed building control explaining what the Authority can do and timescales

PAN9 – Location Plans – guidance on providing location plans

PAN10 – Listed buildings & conservation areas – how to list a building and how to undertake work on a listed building.

PAN11 – Design & Access Statements – you must submit a design statement and an access statement in support of your application.

PAN13 – Planning Appeals – if you are considering making an appeal, commenting on an appeal or researching the planning history of a property

PAN14 – Satellite Dishes – a note for householders who need to know whether they require planning permission to install satellite dishes at their homes.  The advice does not apply to non-residential buildings, flats and maisonettes.

PAN15 – Septic Tanks – A guide to percolation tests and soakaway drain calculation

Non-Mains Sewerage Guidance Notes

Non-Mains Sewerage Form

PAN16 – Applying for a Certificate of Lawfulness for a Proposed Use or Development – if you need a formal decision from the Authority stating whether planning permission is required or not

PAN17 – Bats, Buildings and Development – bats are legally protected and you must conserve them during development

PAN18 – Barn owls and development – barn owls are legally protected and you must conserve them during development

PAN19 – General Planning Information – for identifying general planning constraints relating to your site

PAN20 – Domestic Micro-Generation – note for householders who need to know whether planning permission is required to install domestic micro-generation equipment at their homes.

PAN21 – Guidance for Community Councils– advice on submitting planning applications.

PAN 23 – Householder Permitted Development – note relating to householder permitted development rights.

PAN 24 – Agricultural or Forestry Notifications – the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 1995 allows for certain types of agricultural and forestry development to be undertaken without the need for full planning permission using the permitted development rights set out in Part 6 and 7 of the General Permitted Development Order.

Planning Policy Wales

Renewable Energy Advice

Guidance Note regarding applications and UDP Policies for renewable energy

Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity

Heat Pumps (Ground/Water/Air)

Wood Fuel Heating Systems

Small Scale Wind Turbines

High Head Hydro Electricity

Low Head Hydro Electricity

Solar Thermal Water Heating