Strategic Equality Plan

We recognise that we have a key responsibility for ensuring that all our Members, Officers and staff promote equality, fair treatment and social inclusion at all times. As part of this vision, we have produced this document which explains how we plan to meet our statutory duties in relation to the Equality Act 2010 and provides a clear starting point to be applied across our Authority to ensure we deliver high standards of service fairly across all sectors of our communities, user groups, businesses and visitors. To make that vision a reality, we are determined to promote diversity, inclusiveness, equality of access and eliminate inequalities in everything that we do.

Our values are central to the way we provide our National Park services.

We are committed to challenging the way we work by being innovative and dynamic in tackling the issues that have a direct impact on how people experience our National Park.  In addition to this, we hope to build on the relationships we have already nurtured with disabled groups, Black and Minority Ethnic groups and other groups inside and outside the National Park’s boundary.  Through their experiences and valuable
knowledge of the Park we have an ambition to improve these relationships and develop new ones which demonstrate our commitment to making a fundamental difference to the lives of different people experiencing our National Park and accessing our services.

We see this Plan as a living, breathing document which we hope will evolve through our commitment and multi-faceted partnership work.

As part of the feedback we welcome the views of all interested
individuals, partner organization, user groups and stakeholders so that we may influence the Plan’s development in the years to come.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Strategic Equality Plan 2020-2024

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